Hire A Caterer For These At-Home Events

When hosting an intimate celebration or special event in the privacy of your own home, consider working with a professional caterer to make a great impression on your guests, as well as save time with cooking, decorations, and cleaning. Here are some examples of the top at-home events for catering services:

Birthday Parties


Dinner Parties

Garden Parties


Pool Parties

Housewarming Parties


Holiday Parties


Classic Italian Style Catering

The next you host a private catered event, consider going Italian. Italian food is appealing to most guests regardless of their tastes, and there are many famous Italian cuisines to choose from. Just remember to have gluten-free options for guests who have special dietary requests or restrictions. When planning an Italian catering menu, make sure to include these popular Italian dishes and treats:


Osso Buco




Delight Your Guests With Themed Parties

Themed parties and events are a fun and creative way to make and create lasting memories with your guests. Many full-service catering companies focus on creating customized events that run on a specific, unique theme. Whatever your heart desires, these caterers can make it happen. Great caterers have great experienced teams that have catered it all, and often times they even have the décor to match your themed events! At the same time, these caterers will be flexible and are always willing to tackle a challenge head on with a brand new theme. Look for a caterer who can put together special buffet presentations that will bring your concept to life. This can be done by combining fabrics, themed props, flowers, and even ice sculptures to create eye-popping scenery for your special event. Whether you have a theme in mind or want a catering expert to help you pick one, throwing a themed party will always be a fun and memorable experience.

Catering At Home

Caterers who specialize in organizing private or custom events understand that serving food in a personal location is very different from planning a public event. These caterers know how be respectful of their client’s home or private property, and will aim to provide the following types of services:

Become a part of your family tradition

Many caterers are a family business with family traditions. Cultivating long-term relationships with customers is the key to success. These caterers are may be hired to service private weddings, parties, and celebrations because maintain a family tradition of excellence. Features include the following:

  • Casual, elegant, or themed events
  • Full service
  • Reasonable prices can include china, flatware. linens
  • Flexible pricing to meet all budget and menu needs
  • Quality food and impeccable service
  • Tables, chairs, and décor available

Personalized service just for you

Caterers who are dedicated to personalized at-home catering services often become the most successful. They take a personal interest in the success of every event and it shows. These caterers will have solid, knowledgeable staff and many of staff members have probably been working in the industry for years, so you can rest assured that they will bring our knowledge, experience and expertise to your event.

Event coordinators

Caterers are expert event coordinators who can assist you with the following:

  • Menu creation
  • Location options
  • Décor and presentation selections


Catering companies usually work with top teams that include:

  • Chefs with decades of experience
  • Capabilities to handle personal menu preferences
  • Fully trained support staff

Catering supervisors and staff

Larger catering companies will usually provide additional staff to make sure your private events run smoothly, including:

  • Catering supervisors with more than 10 years experience
  • Supervisors and staff who are attentive to your personal needs
  • Supervisors and staff are delighted to help you and your guests before, during and after your special event.

A name you can trust

Many caterers will also have memberships with top trusted catering organizations. While not necessary, this shows that the caterer is involved with and their community and will strive to provide high quality service.